Armtec BA100 - Cable Arm Manipulator

The Armtec Balancing Arm (BA100) is a cable manipulator. It has a \”double articulated arm\” and comes complete with a column and base plate for easy installation to your floor.


This Cable Manipulator gives 360° continuous rotation around the units main axis, 360° continuous rotation at the intermediate axis, and 360° non-continuous rotation around the tooling\’s vertical axis. The BA100 has a reach of 2400mm giving a work area of 4800mm. It has a weight capacity of 100kg (including tooling) and has a vertical travel of 1400mm,with an option to 2100mm.

The Armtec BA100 has two distinct pneumatic circuits. The first circuit balances the weight of the arm and tooling (“no load balancing”). The second circuit balances the arm, the tooling and the load to be lifted (“load balancing”). The second circuit is activated by the operator using the toggle switch which is ergonomically positioned near the operators hand grip.

This circuit controls the balancing of the tooling in a loaded condition. The BA100 can be supplied with a wide variety of gripping end effector tools to grip most loads-vacuum suction,mechanical or pneumaitc clamps,magnets,scissor grips,hooks,mandraels and similar. T


he BA100 also comes with a simple hook to which the customer ca n add their own end effector tooling.