Posilift supplies a wide range of custom-made, Portable, and ForkableIndustrial Manipulators. Suitable for multi-task, multi-room, or low-profile applications allowing you to move the Industrial Manipulator and level it with ease.

Multi-Task Applications:

  • Multi-Room Applications.

  • Low-Profile Applications.

  • Interchangeable Tooling Applications.

  • Sensitive Room Applications.

  • Maintenance Tasks 

Features of this product:

  • Custom Reach.

  • Custom Heights.

  • Custom Toolings.

  • Custom Moving Options.


Why Choose This Product:

  • Can't fix a column in place.

  • Don't have permit space.

  • Small Lift to higher floors.

  • Low profile.

  • Multi-Stations Cost-effective Solution.

Specifications of this product:

  • Weight Limiter Set to Max Weights.

  • 7 bar Compressed Air ONLY.

  • 12 Months Warranty.

  • CE Certified.

  • Meet all Australia's Health and Safety Standards.

Armtec - Portable or Forkable Industrial Manipulator