Balancing Arm Cable Manipulator BA100

Rigid Articulating Arm Industrial Manipulator RA100 And RA200

Other Industrial Manipulator Applications

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Armtec Equipment custom designs and manufactures a wide range of Lifting Equipment, Lift Assist Devices, Industrial Manipulators. – With our unlimited custom applications and solutions, it’s most likely that Armtec has already solved your material handling problem somewhere in the world.  Armtec manipulator are CE Certified which makes the Armtec Cable Arm Manipulators and Rigid Articulating Arm Manipulators safe, easy to use and meet international standards of health and safety. Contact Us Today to Get A Custom Solution


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Is a cable manipulator. It has a double articulated arm.



Is a Parallel Arm And Articulated Arm style



Is a good working Assistant for the operator that can work quickly.



 It has a Vertical Cylinder to give the Up Down  Articulated Arm.

Balancing Arm Cable Manipulator BA100
Rigid Articulating Arm Industrial Manipulator RA100 And RA200
Other Industrial Manipulator Applications

The (BA100) is a cable type manipulator with a double articulated arm, designed for rapid and easy horizontal handling of loads up to 100 kg.

It has two distinct pneumatic circuits. The first circuit balances the weight of the arm and the tooling “no load” balancing.

The second circuit balances the arm, the tooling and the load to be lifted “load balancing” It has 360°continuous rotation about its main axis, 360°continuous rotation at its intermediate axis and 360° non continuous rotation around its tooling vertical axis.

The standard model has a reach of 2400 mm and a vertical lift of 1400 mm. It can be optioned up to a reach of 3000mm.

A vertical lift of up to 2100mm can be specified for loads up to 65kg.

Ideal for the rapid handling of light loads.

The Armtec Rigid Articulating Arm Manipulators (RA100 / RA200) are ideal for the repetitive handling of heavy or off-centre loads; when rotating or inclining a load; when gripping or placing a load where there is an overhead obstruction; or where particular precision is needed when gripping, moving or positioning a load.

They allow the operator full control over the load.

Armtec sell an extensive range of Rigid Articulating (Hard Arm) Manipulators from small, light and compact models for lower weights and confined spaces, to large manipulators to carry loads weighing up to 900kg and with extended reaches of 6 metres to give a working area of 12 metres.

The manipulators can be configured to suit your application and work area. They can be supplied in many configurations – Column Floor Mounted; Overhead Fixed; Overhead Trolley Mounted; Portable Base Plate; Floor Trolley Mounted.

  • Vertical Lifter VA100

  • Glass Lifters

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  • Door Lifters

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  • Vacuum Lifters

  • Roll Handling Lifters

  • Tool Balancers

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